The Bird and the Elephant.

Philosophy for young minds.

Welcome to The Bird and the Elephant. This new and exciting print book, ebook and audiobook will take you on a poetic, philosophical journey of: who, what's, why's and where's. Philosophy for children aimed at around 6-9 years old, depending on the child and parents

Ten discussions all written in rhyme.
Have you met these two?
We think that it's time!

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Topics to discuss

Philosophy is not here to provide the answers. It's here to get you to think about the questions. 

There are 10 discussions for you to ponder
Begin at the the beginning, and start to wonder.
Do you agree or disagree?
With one, two or even three?
Now's your time to gather you thoughts,
You can message me below, i'd love a report!
Ask your parents your teachers and of course, your friends.
For these are the questions that never will end.

The Story

The Bird and The Elephant starts with an introduction and is then broken up into 10 discussions. 

A bird is flying high one day when he decides he needs to take a rest. He glances down below and aims for a large rock. But it isn't a rock! He shockingly discovers he's landed on an elephant's back. They begin having a conversation. The bird is impatient and hot headed while the elephant is calming and wise. Through their discussions the bird learns a lot about life and ultimately, himself.

Discussion 1

Who are we?

"Now that’s a good question!" The elephant declared
"Are you ready for the answer? Are you fully prepared?"
The bird said. "Of course, now tell me it's due"
"Well you - are me, and I - am you."

Discussion 2

Where do we come from?

"Where do you come from?" The elephant said.
"That’s easy." Said the bird. "I come from an egg"
"But before the egg, what about that?"
"I came from my mother, that's a natural fact."

Discussion 3

Why are we here?

"So you are an elephant and you eat grass for your dinner.
I have 2 wings and I'm a pretty good singer.
Over there’s a hyena, she’s known for her laugh,
And that thing with the long neck is called a giraffe."

Discussion 4


"A friend is one on whom you can depend.
To be there, by your side, to borrow or lend.
To help and advise, from light chats to wise,
Who doesn't change voices or wear a disguise."

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The Testimonials

Here's some reviews about The Bird and the Elephant. 

A. Maisuria (Primary School Teacher )

Love it. A delight to read...pure philosophical fun for children (and adults!)

Lisa (Mother and Classroom assistant)

Loved! Reading this book. My children and i enjoyed it so much. It encourages discussion with a memorising story i'm proud to acknowledge.

Ken (Aged 8)

I really like the way each discussion is like a philosopher's question!

A. Carter (Mother of two)

This story made me smile. Made me think and made me laugh. A wise magical tale for us all.

About The Author

Having lived in Brazil, Germany, UK, and Northern Ireland. The now - London based - Dominic, presents his story. Philosophy at it's most basic, is your take on life and it's biggest and most hard to answer questions. This is Dominic's take. He hopes it inspires you to think about yours.

Dominic Smith
Dominic has been interested in poetry and story writing since a young child. This love grew and blossomed into a music career, writing songs and lyrics and performing all over the world. As a soloist he has won Best MC awards in 2014 and 2015, and as part of a band he has won the Mercury Prize, a MOBO and a Q award in the late 90s. A career in radio soon followed, hosting a national chart show which kept him close to the music and rhymes he loves. The bird and the elephant was inspired by a simple photo of a bird sat on an elephant's back, this brought forward thoughts about the wonderful conversations they might share together, and that transformed into the work you have just read and hopefully enjoyed. 

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