Philosophy for children – D vs D


Purchasers in the first few days of ‘The Bird and the Elephant’ – Philosophy for children release, may have noticed what is best described as a ‘Rookie mistake!’ Two words that look similar, sound similar but sadly do not have the same meaning. Firstly, i apologise – sorry. Secondly, i hope it hasn’t affected your enjoyment and thirdly, it’s amended now, yes!

I guess the reason i wanted to write this was just to share how difficult it is to see something you’re so close to. A philosophical observation? perhaps. I read it a 100 times and got it proofread but it still slipped through the net, like a decent swimming fish that had mastered the art of descent!

There’s an expression that states ‘Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.’ This is actual proof – for me – of that happening. But, at least i know it’ll never happen again!

Anyways, you can now safely purchase the book, mistake free! Audio and print versions will be coming soon, i’ll of course keep you posted.

That’s all for now, have a decent day! 😉