Philosophy for Children Number 1 on Amazon

I was incredibly pleased to recently see my book top the charts on Amazons children’s Philosophy section. Admittedly, Philosophy for children is a niche market but i’m incredibly grateful for everyone whose read and purchased the book so far! It’s now slipped down to number 3, only you can bring it back up!  😉

Remember, i love to hear your feedback, so feel free to send me your comments. I had some from a lovely girl called Milla, she’s 8 and lives in Sydney, Australia. She said:


“Is the book about how the world formed?”

“Is the elephant smart? Because he knows everything and is telling the bird all the answers to his question. He said you don’t need money to be happy.”

“I also loved how you had different discussions for each chapter.”

“It had some funny parts in it and I liked it how you rhymed and you didn’t make it too big.”

“The bird was kind of feisty because he didn’t like love or really cared about anyone, but the elephant was really kind and generous and taught him
How to be generous thankful and giving. But he became friends with the elephant in the end and wasn’t that feisty.”

“The bird flew away with thoughts he wouldn’t of had yesterday.”

“And if the bird didn’t land on the elephant he wouldn’t of learnt all the important facts about life that he wouldn’t ever of dreamed about knowing.”

“And the elephant was like a teacher”

“I liked discussions on morality and love”

Some wonderful feedback, i’m so very glad she enjoyed it and that it has raised questions and observations from her. That’s what it’s all about! If you haven’t got a copy already? i hope this helps you decide.

All the best.