A book you can hold

I’m pleased to say hard copies of The Bird and the Elephant, philosophy for children, is now available in physical copy form, real pages! I’m even happier to say that it now features 11 beautiful hand drawn illustrations from a very talented artist named Jonathan Duck.

the bird and elephant hand drawing, philosophy for children book.

The book is available through Amazon. So if you’re not a fan of ebooks then this – i humbly suggest – is perfect!

The philosophy story

Aimed at around the 6-9 age mark, depending on the child and parents. The Bird and The Elephant starts with an introduction and is then broken up into 10 poetic discussions.

The discussion topics are: (in order)

Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Why are we here?
Why do bad things happen?

A bird is flying high one day when he decides he needs to take a rest. He glances down below and aims for a large rock. But it isn’t a rock! He shockingly discovers he’s landed on an elephant’s back. They begin having a conversation. The bird is impatient and hot headed while the elephant is calming and wise. Through their discussions the bird learns a lot about life and ultimately, himself.

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