Philosophy for children audiobook

It’s finally here. For all those who no longer enjoy flicking through pages or staring at a screen, i present – words direct to your ears! The Bird and the Elephant – Philosophy for children, is now available as an audiobook.

Super simple to purchase and download, it will now sit in your phone or on your device and be ready whenever you feel like hearing it’s words.

My voice

As much as the Hummingbird in this photo suggests otherwise, i narrated the audiobook myself. I felt it would add a personal touch because – i read it how i wrote it.  Another person could never really do this, although i am fully aware they may be able to read it better; this was not the task.

So…. if you’re ready. Click and Download! The links are below and on my main page:




As always, i sincerely hope you enjoy it.

All the best