A Brand New Year

A poem by The Elephant

A new year is something that’s like a new page.
It is blank, it is empty, like an actor-less stage.
You can build you can draw, you can write and create.
In this year that’s ahead, How will your page be great?

What things will you change?
From your page of last year.
Did you stain your own ink,
With a cry or a tear?

Or did you have a great page?
And now this one will be better.
So much you’ll write down
That it’ll turn into a letter!

I love a new page, because it means a fresh start.
If my last page was ripped,
This one has no marks,
This one has no tears,
This one has no smudges,
No regrets, no complaints, no anger, no grudges.

Today i will start, and let life start to draw me.
And i’ll think of my page, and my life and it’s story.
I’ll be mindful of how i want my page to look
Because one day, my page, will turn into a book.


Philosophy for children